Advanced Vibration

Vibration monitoring and analysis will increase the usefulness of the asset, create a safer work environment for employees and reduce downtimes. However, you might need to perform more advanced analysis in order to identify a solution for a vibration issue. Operational deflection shape, modal analysis and FEA are some of the most commonly used methods to do so.

The goal of vibration troubleshooting is to identify and eliminate the source of problematic vibrations. A variety of techniques can be deployed depending on the job at hand. The most common is operational deflection shape (ODS). This method uses a reference point on the equipment, called a pick point, in order to measure deformation and provide insight into the stresses that cause vibrations. Another option includes FEA which is used for evaluating stress, strain and temperatures in order to determine areas of concern within an equipment component. Field experience is also essential when analyzing acoustic signatures or performing bump tests on hydraulic cylinders or contact surfaces.